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To keep you in touch with the Viking era, The Viking Clothing Store is your holy grail. Do you wish to look like one of the natives of Norway? You are cordially invited to browse through Viking Clothing store for a Scandinavian touch to your wardrobe!

What’s in it for you? Well, you get a chance to retouch your Scandinavian roots through Viking jewelry, Ekelund linens, Royal Copenhagen souvenirs, Viking clothing, home accessories, and what not!

About Viking Clothing Store

The inspiration of Viking Clothing store came through the battling festivities of Viking Era. Just like Jomsborgelag, you will only get genuine handicrafts and no replicas in here. If you associate with the International warrior brotherhood and Viking re-enactment combats, you have landed in the right place.

To make you look like a genuine Viking, you must have all possibilities presented to you. Hence, Viking Clothing store presents all haberdashery, pattern, and yarn choices to you.

Your desires matter most!

This means you now have the chance to take the Viking culture beyond the borders of Norway, Poland, Iceland, and The Netherland and celebrate it wherever you are!

Warrior clothing

To look like a Norse warrior, you must drape the viking armor as the helmet, shoulder armor and bracers right out of Scandinavia. To get the real ancient warrior look while reenacting the exciting combats, you must shop these bows made out of strongest alloys.

To be able to clash those swords, you also need swords of premium quality. Display your confidence using all these battle-ready arms. These sharp axes, spears, knives or seax, and daggers aren’t breaking away anytime soon.

And you dare not forget drinking horns, blowing horns, and cloaks! That’s exactly the kind of gear a warrior needs. Also, chainmail, shields, and helmets make good decoration pieces.

Authentic Attire

Our authentic attire collection is not just about viking outfits. But it is complete state of the art hand craftsmanship of each and everything of that era. Like in clothing, we’re covering the minutest details, like the clock pin and brooches etc!

To get an authentic look of the fisherman or farmer from that era, you need to restructure your attire and clothing their way. To keep things as authentic as possible, you must prefer the handicrafts.

You might want to dress up like a Viking Jarl, king, farmer, trader or a viking warrior. To pull off these looks, explore our complete Viking kit from pointy Hedeby viking boots to woolen nalbinding socks!

Viking Jewelry

Talking about our best selling Viking Merch, how could you forget the Viking jewelry. You want the most popular pieces, right? Check out Wolf king chain, Freyja Amulet, Vegvisir ring and troll cross.

All these statement pieces are artistic and abstract. Instagram able aesthetics, no? With a hint of animals, nature, and mythology from the Viking era, you will feel like you belong there.

You might want to revive the Viking era in style! Hence, all of this Norse jewelry including Viking beads, bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces, arm rings torcs, keychains, coins and rings are handcrafted for you!

Fashion for Men and Women

Embroidered Hangerock and aprons are clear examples of how fashionable Viking men and women were. To be in Viking shoes, quite literally, you also need to get hold of these woolen and linen Viking wedding dresses.

Similarly, leather pouches and customized belts and buckles need to be embellished with genuine fittings to emit those Viking vibes. To keep Viking customs alive, all tunics and cape are still handmade using natural linens. With short sleeves and embroidered symbols, both men and women looked extremely classy!

To imitate the elite classes of Viking community, grab your bronze fittings, brass buckles, and bags. Pair those up with grey hued and woven leg wraps.

Imagine yourself in a shoulder to ankle length Viking wedding dress. Top that with wool strap dress. Don’t forget the iron or bronze brooches to fasten things together.

Shenanigans like pockets and buttons were uncommon. But to spice things up, silk garments were imported by the elite. Back then, they came across great distances. But they are delivered free of shipment costs now!

With open air tasks like ship building and raiding, head wear must have been common in winters. But their taste for bright colors lasted through the seasons.

Best place to buy Viking clothing

Since you have stepped inside the best Viking clothing store, you will see the Nordic culture brought to life! You know the best Viking Clothing store is one who has studied the ancient patterns like Bible. Each historical reproduction coming out to you comes from the craftiest hands.

So, if you are looking for the widest collection of Viking gear, supplies, kit and equipment, there isn’t a better option for you. Re-enactors, museums, theatres, and schools are welcomed to enjoy these living history supplies!

While window shopping those beautiful Viking T-shirts, trousers, pants, beanies or caps, jackets, robes, pins, hoodies, and kilts, the best store also teaches you a technique or two. From Viking feasting supplies to Asatru Norse religion supplies, you name it! All this merchandise is inspired from Viking games, music, religion, and literature.

Worldwide free shipping

Just knowing it all isn’t enough. You need to get your hands on your favorite Viking outfit and artifacts. Here is when the worldwide free shipping comes into play!

With live updates of your Viking parcel, the wait will be easy. So after you have learnt the Viking culture, your shipment is only a few clicks away from your doorstep. How cool, no?

To spice things up, you enjoy no minimum order limits both in terms of amount and units. You might have to check your nearest post office in case of any delay. No matter where you are situated, your Viking themed pack will reach you in no more than 4 weeks! 

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