Viking Drinking Horn

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Enjoy Drinks with Viking Drinking Horn

The drinking horn has been used since ancient times for the purpose of consuming milk, water, ale, or mead.

Initially, these vessels were made from the horn of bovid but soon people started making it from wood, ceramics, glass, and metal.In the Viking Age, many horns were found near the burial site.

Most of these horns were buried in female graves along with other drinking vessels. Viking Age drinking horns were probably made from domestic cattle, which would hold less than half a liter.

Buy a Viking drinking horn from us right now and drink from a genuine, ethically sourced, and authentic horn.

When you lift up your Viking drinking horn, you are actually carrying forward a 2600-year-old legacy. What are you waiting for? Get one of your choices right now!

About our Horn and Mugs

About our Horn and Mugs
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When Vikings would return from a ferocious battle, these horns were presented to them to quench their thirst. We too deserve a drinking horn to welcome us home after a long day. To live like a Norse warrior it’s a must to be well equipped with ancient Viking vessels. Buy all the Viking artifacts you want from our store!

Our Viking drinking horns and mugs are intricately handcrafted and safely sealed with food-safe lacquer. No stone is left unturned while ensuring the quality. Rest assured!

Some of our Viking drinking horns haven’t got handle but they do have a stand. Some of the, a rim to hold it as tightly as possible.

Whereas the Viking mugs have a handle attached to them. They are highly portable and easier to use while camping or traveling.

The actual horn pattern may vary from the picture since it is naturally extracted and no two horns are the same. The color varies from horn to horn. It is delivered in a canvas bag, along with a stand.

Creation Process

It is made from real ox or cow horn, which is ethically sourced from farms where animals are harvested for the meat.

We make sure horns are NEVER extracted from live animals and they aren’t harmed in any way.

After horn extraction, it is cut, stored, hand-polished, and sealed with a food-safe lacquer on its interior. The approximate dimensions of the horn are 11 inches to 13 inches.

However; these may vary. You can drink beer, mead, ale, or any other liquor or cold beverage in it.

Natural and Polished

They are highly polished to make the pattern in the horn visible. They are sealed and made suitable for cool liquids.

The drinking horn is 100% food safe and natural. The beautiful and chaotic nature of each horn makes it stand out.

The inside surface is treated with a colourless food-safe coating. Best used for beer, mead and wine.

A gift for Viking fan

A gift for Viking fan
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Drinking in such a magnificent vessel brings back the ancient Viking Age vibe. And when you are not using it, you can place it as an interesting conventional display piece somewhere.

While celebrating the Scandinavian culture by drinking mead, why not go ahead an extra mile and drink from a real Viking drinking horn?

While gifting it to a Viking fan, you can get it paired with another Viking Age item available at our store and create a Viking theme. Voila! Made things far easier for you.

Get yourself a beautifully crafted Viking drinking horn or gift one to a Viking fan. You might just make some one’s day by giving such a thoughtful gift.

Taking care of your Horn

Drinking extremely hot beverages in the horn is not advised as it might make the horn to warp due to extreme heat and change its shape.

Do not place it in the dishwasher or in a hot environment.Hand wash with soap only and rinse before first use. To clean its bottom use a bottle brush.

Avoid using sharp scrubbing objects that can scratch the surface. Take care of your Viking drinking horn as the true treasure that it is!

After you purchase your Viking item from us we email you the specific instructions to take care of your traditional Viking possession so that it lasts long!

Free shipping around the globe

Do not let the shipping costs stop you from ordering your favorite Viking outfits and artifacts. We provide you worldwide shipping, that too free of cost!

We bring you your parcel within 4 weeks regardless of wherever you are situated in the world. Not only is our service swift, but we also give you live updates about your Viking parcel.

Furthermore; we have no constraint of minimum order in terms of units and amount. Purchase whatever, whenever and from wherever you want and get it delivered to your doorstep!

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