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History of Blowing Horn

History of Blowing Horn
Source: Viking-shield

A blowing horn or a winding is a sound device that is mostly made out of or shaped like an animal horn.

It is arranged in such a manner that allows the air to be blown from the hole in the pointed end of it.

Blow Horns have been widely used during the Viking era. Vikings would often have used similar horns for drinking purposes as well.

Horn fragments from the Viking Age are preserved which shows that both cattle and goat horns were used in the making.

The number of decorative materials such as horn terminals and horn mounts has been archaeologically found, show how common was the use of blow horns during the Viking era.

Oldest varieties were made of wood and animal horns. The earliest blow horns that are found in Europe are Bronze Age metal horns which is why they have survived through the ages.

The oldest surviving metal horn traces back to the Iron Age in Visnum, Sweden.

Many big-horned animals are found in Scandinavia which tells us that blow horns are often made from wood, wound birch bark, or bout called ‘lur’. Blowing horns were used in

Viking times as means of communication for the purpose of contacting your friends or warning people of your approach.

The Vikings did not invent these horns but they are the reason we know about them and treasure them today. ‘Gjallerhorn’ is one of the most popular horns that is widely used today.

Use of Horn

These blow horns were initially used as war horns. This instrument would make the sound of a signal immediately alerting the start of the battle.

Blow horns not only make a beautiful sound but they are also used to communicate audibly in an open-air across great distances.

This tells us that these blow horns gave birth to the idea of today’s form of distance communication like telephone and semaphore.

Today many modern Jewish people use them to blow the shofar. They are mostly remembered by the age of Vikings.

Sounding Techniques

Blowing horns or Horn bugles are handmade from a single piece of cow horn. Since the mouthpiece does not contain a reed, it is blown with pursed lips like a trumpet, producing a deep resonating sound.

Since they are made from a natural product, their size, shape, and color vary with each piece. The larger the blowing horn, the deeper sound it makes.

For the small blowing horns to make a similar high pitched sound, they must be blown very hard. The large blowing horns are blown very loosely since less effort is needed to create a huge sound.

The most preferred are the medium blowing sound since the easiest to blow and produce the best sound.

Sounding Techniques
Source: wikihow

Here are some great techniques that might help you blow a Viking horn:

  • Tighten the corner of your lips before creating a sound.
  • Hold the narrow end of the horn against your lips tightly. Make sure you don’t put any part of the horn inside your mouth since it creates no sound then!
  • Start buzzing! Your Viking horn will create a single tone depending on its shape and size.
  • To play different notes, click your tongue with the roof of your mouth.
  • To play higher octaves of the sound, purse your lips!
  • To lower the pitch, put your hand at the end of the horn.

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