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Authentic Viking tunics for sale

Want to re-enact the Viking Age? That will not be possible without having Viking clothing in your wardrobe.

Be it a Viking warrior, farmer, ship builder or Odin, mens Viking tunics were common amongst all Norse men. You often have had to walk a bed of thorns to find the ideal Norse tunic, garb, or any costume for that matter.

But worry no more because you can now find authentic Viking clothing, jewelry, accessories, tools, and other collectibles only through a few clicks!

Shop the most aesthetic and vintage tunic designs all in this one-stop webshop. Looking for Erik Medieval tunics that don’t cost you an arm and leg? Jump right in!

About Viking Tunics

Historically, tunics have been of utter importance. To come up with the finest tunics and robes collection, designers have recreated the authentic larps using natural flax.

Viking trims are so unique that they always look a class apart!
The fury of the Norsemen reflected through their retro tunics.

It is hard to imagine a stock of Viking footwear, armory, and jewelry without the historically accurate tunic cuts.

This clothing piece was worn through ancient times all across Europe. No wonder it is so famous! What’s so special about tunics?

Their simplicity makes them perfect for everyday use! The Kragelund Mose tunic design and even the T-shaped design are well known. You will love them as much as the Danish bogs did.

Our Viking tunics collection

Our mens Viking tunics collection is a beautiful blend of Viking patterns and the choicest linens. The superior manufacture quality ensures that the design fits your body like skin.

You might fall in love with the front and back slit. Our tunics are so carefully designed that the sleeves provide all that extra room for you to slash your favorite Viking sword.

You can bet you wouldn’t find better Eric Jarl tunics anywhere in the market. Grab your embroidered tunics now! From lacy tunics to plain V-neck ones, our Viking collection has them all!

All of these tunics are stylish enough to excite both you and the rest of the Viking community. To get your favorite Nordic symbols imprinted, you can get customized Viking tunic too!


You won’t be surprised to find leather patches in medieval costumes. Apart from leather belts and pouches, you can also get leather Norse tunics from here. Came here looking for handmade pieces? Why not!

To complete your look, complement leather tunic with pasbyxor baggy trousers. Spice things up with Viking leather belts, copper brooches, brass fasteners, and molded accents.

Both men and women Viking fans can pull of this look successfully!
All our tunics and kaftans are made only out of natural leather and embellished with etched brass, solid rivets, and other detailing.

Just adorn leather tunic and you are all set to bring back the medieval renaissance.


A Viking costumes shop is incomplete without fashionable wool tunics. Despite of all the decorative elements, a woolen Viking coat is an essential.

Viking women and women used them to keep them protected from the harsh weather conditions both at land and on the sea.

Viking mercenaries fashioned their woolen clothes with leather edging and hand embroidery. Our tunics use only the softest and densest twill weave wool! For the revival of the Viking times, woolen pieces are a must.


A Viking warrior couldn’t go a day without a layer of fur. Under any dress, an Odin would definitely go for a fur tunic. So why don’t you also invest in one?

Fur provides the kind of resilience that Norsemen need. Fur tunics are perfect to go under longer robes or wedding dresses.

Planning a Viking cosplay on a wintery night? You deserve to have a superior quality fur tunic.


After studying Viking literature, you will find out that linen tunics are needed for historical revival. This authentic line of linen tunics comes at an affordable price. What more could you ask for!

Tunic stitching process

Source: Pinterest

How to make a Viking tunic? No, it isn’t as easy as folding in the excess seams and stitching it. A Viking tunic is an artistic piece that comes together in different slits and pieces.

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We ensure that our customers get the most authentic merchandise with no compromise to quality and finishing of design.

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