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Viking jewelry for sale

Did you come here looking for some handcrafted Norse jewelry? Luckily, you have landed in the right place. From cuff bracelets to hammer pendants, you name it here.

Viking fans feel their look is incomplete without genuine Viking jewelry. Hence, Viking Clothing Store is here to complete your look.

You might have come across millions of sellers claiming to sell authentic Viking necklaces and rings. But can you trust the quality they provide? No.

For these classic pieces, you can only trust a web store whose jewelry collection seeks inspiration from Nordic artifacts.

You wish to have style as well authenticity, right? You’ll get both here! Our artistic jewelry pieces are unique and historically rooted. So, browse through them!

History of Viking jewelry and fashion

History of Viking jewelry and fashion
Source: Sputniknews

Want to re-awaken the Norse spirit? You’ll only be able to do that if you understand Norse-era jewelry and overall clothing sense.

Presenting to you everything that you need to know about the functionality and philosophy of Viking jewelry.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Viking community is warfare, loots, and raids. Initially, you might not even have known how deeply significant jewelry was to them.

Get your facts straight. Nordic jewelry was and is very popular!
The Viking jarls, farmers and warriors often had a very dark life.

Their fierce lives hardly had any room for glamour. Jewelry and fancy clothing were the only rays of hope for them. For you too, right?

Viking jewelry collection

Fascinated by Viking jewelry already, no? Now, gear up to explore the vast Viking jewelry collection. From Norse arm rings to medieval beard beads, you wouldn’t even know where to start!

You will even run into coins and keychains with masterful geometric patterns. Don’t get surprised. That’s just the abstract Nordic way of depicting the Viking-era mythology.

Want to dive deeper into the Viking era? Viking torcs are your best bet. From nature to animals, the whole Nordic culture will be covered.

Wear the jewelry straight out of Valhalla and spread the Viking magic wherever you go!

Jewelry for men

Nordic men were not lagging behind Nordic women when it came to fashion! This section is for the male Viking fans who cannot go a day without wearing their favorite Wolf King Chain and Vegvisir Amulet.

Just like Scandinavian women, Viking men also wore jewelry and ornaments made out of gold, silver, copper, and brass.

For durability purposes, you might want a recreation of all your favorite pieces in stainless steel. That’s the kind the of durability a true Viking fan asks for!

Fortunately, warrior style jewelry never goes out of fashion. Jump right into the trend and look like a Scandinavian elite! Don’t hesitate in asking for a custom made pendant or any other ornament!

Women collection

In love with Viking-age dresses already? Now, grab your favorite ornaments made out of sterling silver and Norse mythology!

Want to know what female warriors looked like? Browse through our women collection.Ladies look like your idol shieldmaidens by adorning the earrings and rings that they did.

Aspiring skjaldmærs, up the pendants game like they Old Norse women did. Let our handcrafted pieces ornament beautify you!

Complete jewelry sets are not a novel concept. Nordic women also possessed elaborate jewelry sets. Our experienced metal decoratists have reproduced the same for you!

Spirit behind the jewelry

Do you think Viking jewelry is all show? No dear! More than a visual appeal, medieval jewelry has spiritual backing.

You might have wondered what all those puzzling patterns mean. Archeologists have finally solved the long mystery.

Those patterns are actually mathematically rooted. Shocked, right?So, now you know that not a single piece of Viking makeover came without a purpose.

Scandinavian jewelry always hinted either economic class, wisdom, or age of the one who donned it. Shopping such spiritual jewelry might do wonders for you too!

Authentic products and free shipping

Just like Viking jewelry speaks for itself, our authenticity does too! With 24/7 customer representation, competitive pricing and superior quality, free shipping only serves as the cherry on the top of the cake.

With all of you speaking highly of us, more of the Viking community avails our authentic products and free shipping every day.

Who knew the beloved 24 Viking Beads Runes and Drakkar Ship Sterling Silver Ring was now being delivered to doorsteps without charging a penny!

Genuine medieval products and 100%free shipping worldwide (no hidden charges whatsoever)- is there anything more you ever dreamt off?

The real Viking fans can now have the realest Viking jewelry on the convenience of a few clicks. If this isn’t the Viking Valhalla(heaven), you don’t what it is!

Mighty Odin and mightier Jarls come one and all. Ask us about spartan clothing and Viking jewelry before getting them shipped to you!

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