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Authentic Viking weapons for sale

Have you set your battle strategy? Now is the right time to equip yourself with ferocious weapons!

Viking warriors are renowned for their war like demeanor. Reenacting that demeanor is impossible without having the right arms!

A strategy alone can do no wonders. The right weapons can! Cosplay your Viking ancestors in full swing through genuine armor.

Investigate. Buy only the authenticated weapons from renowned and trusted web stores.As an aspiring warrior, you definitely want to improve your ranks within the warrior, right?

If not, you might want to radically change from an ordinary Jarl to a mighty Odin.

For all of this, you need to buy authentic Viking weapons!
From Viking spear head to Vintage simulated weapons, Viking Clothing store has got them all.

All of the Viking weaponry and armor presented here are absolutely authentic and genuine. Rest assured!

Welcome to the official Viking community! Once you are fully armed up with Norse weapons, you are ready to exercise your power and reign over shipbuilders and farmers!

To feed your ancestral roots, build your barbaric reputation by owning the right weapons. Aid that with old veterans and tried and tested battle tactics. Viola, you are destined to conquer!

Types of Viking weapons

Types of Viking weapons
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You must have come across a plethora of Viking weapons by now! The crafty gear and stunning detailing have left you shook, right? Now is the time to classify the different types of medieval weaponry.

The types of Viking weapons held by Norsemen differed according to the social class they belonged to. For instance, slaves could hold none. But you have all the freedom to choose your favorite.

As a warrior upgraded himself, he would come across more types of Norse weapons like spears, lances, arrows, bows, axes, and swords!

The clan warfare led to innovations within and beyond these types so get ready to explore newer kinds.

From Javelins to battle axes, there are many categories and subcategories. Like Norse gods possessed special type of Dane axes. Browse through our categories to find them all.

All you have to do is properly maintain your weapons. These modern replicas are effective and durable. Norse people loved their Viking shield designs to death. Would you?

Now that you have your weapons all ready, you need some protective gear as well. For that, helmets, chainmail, and shields have got you covered, quite literally! Feeling protected, no?

Making of Viking weapons

Putting Viking weapons for sale isn’t a piece of cake! Before putting up weapons for sale, the finest of metal alloys are procured and molded.

Initially, weaponry was made using the purest of iron. Sigh! Such weaponry started bending during wars.

The manufacturing process of Viking weapons and even the Viking shields designs have revealed many secrets. The weapons were decorative but not all show.

They were well made to stand all sorts of deadly blows!
What could be done to resolve this issue? Pattern welding was adapted.

Now you might wonder what it is. Currently, all Vikings weapons are made up of interwoven metal. How is that done?

Under this technique, thin strips of metals are heated together to produce the kind of sharpness that you need.

With varieties of raids, the Irish were also in awe by the numerous types of weapons. As you know, the Nordic weaponry were not ceremonial props.

From different types of blades to innovative cuts and shapes, the world had a lot to learn from all the classes of Nordic weaponry.

Yes, the making of Viking weapons is inspired by archaeological findings. But modern military technology is also fused into the manufacturing to finally put up some Viking weapons for sale.

Some facts about Viking weaponry

What makes the Vikings weapons so special? Well, from basic bows and arrows to sophisticated swords, each of the weaponry pieces was artistically crafted and embellished with decorations.

How unique, right?
Despite of the warlike connotations attached to Vikings weapons and armors, it was ensured that each of those masterpieces was beautified with gold and silver. Imagine!

Perhaps, that is why it was difficult to find cheap weaponry back in the day. Back in the day, weaponry represented economic status in the Nordic culture. But you can get these priceless pieces in reasonable cost.

Excellent customer support

Understanding how confusing Norse weapon names and Viking shield designs can be, no question is a bad question to an excellent customer service team.

From product queries to war techniques, ask away whatever you feel like.
Just like Vikings weapons and armors were prized for generations, our excellent customer service is treasured by Viking fans.

The kind of protection and support that you need is always there. What more could you ask for?

Norse people, for suggestions, feedback, ratings and more, keep coming back over and over again. Qualified client assistants await you 24/7! Feeling lost? Let us direct you!

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