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Buy authentic Viking swords

When replicating Scandinavian swords, settle for nothing less than authentic! Norse swords remain hot selling amongst all sword themes.

Why? Because historians like you can’t keep their hands-off authentic Viking swords.

The Viking explorer box is incomplete without authentic Viking swords. So, furnish your collection by buying the finest quality Viking swords.

You may wonder what’s the best place to buy? Well, get battle ready with a web shop that provides historically accurate version of your favorite battle sword!

With this wide collection of axes, knives, and spears, you, honestly, have a lot to explore. But if there’s a star of the show, it has to be the Norman swords. If you’re a true Viking fan, buy yours now!

About Viking swords

As much as Viking warriors relied on their war strategies, they relied on their swords too! If you want to up your battle game, lay your hands on the right Viking sword.

With the right swords in your hands, you’ll be able to put up a good show!
Ferocity was one of the key Viking traits. To be a ferocious Norseman, you need to have the fiercest of the Norse swords.

Want to survive in the battlefield? You better come prepared!
All of us want to join the Viking community, right?

You are most welcomed to do so as long as you bring along a Viking Age sword!

Dragon sword

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If you are old school, there’s no way you haven’t came across the dragon sword! Why is this one a must have? Simply because no opponent can wield the blow of this invincible weapon!

Don’t ask what makes dragon sword the best? The leaf bladed sword speaks for itself. Dragon sword was considered to be a reward right out of the Chambers of Xeric.

Reward yourself with this! Together, the Dragon long sword and short sword bring you the best of the both worlds.

For a playful reenactment of the battlefield, invest in nothing short of the absolute best!

Delux Accolade sword

Only a true knight understands the value of this priceless piece. Do you associate with the templars? Grab a claymore sword that relates to them.

Collectors treasure Delux Accolade sword like nothing else! If you are out and about cosplaying the Viking wars, collect yours right away!

Despite of being hand made to perfection, this Viking sword wouldn’t make you go broke! For a heavy weapon with a light impact on your pocket, you know what to choose!

Lancelot gold sword knife

Is your ancestry amongst the medieval knights? Don’t keep yourself longing for this Lancelot gold sword knife.

It is certainly the best thing that can happen to a crusader.
That ancient gold color and abs handle are enough to get you drooling.

Convinced already, no? If not, then you might have missed the two dragons at the Quilon.

Lancelot gold sword knife is deadly! Why? Because it has a straight blade and double cutting edge. Grip it hard, flash it across the war zone and stand victorious in no time!

Types of Viking swords

Types of Viking sword
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Do all of them seem the same to you? Then you are surely mistaken, dear Scandinavian friend! To get your Nordic facts straight, there are 26 types of Viking swords! How amusing, no?

Before you rush to explore hilt typology, know that it is a method of classifying medieval swords according to their region and date.

With 1700 of them to sort out, Europeans had to classify them some how or the other.Amongst the blade typology, single bladed and double-bladed swords are your holy grail.

While you select your favorite of the Viking swords, you might want to distinguish it from Francian, knightly and medieval ones.

What is so special about ancient Norse swords

Swords have the power to drop your jaws, no? You might not be able to explain but there’s something really special about Nordic swords!

Historically, Viking swords have been a representation of status. It was rightly so! Those bladed pieces do bring a class apart to the holder!

While swords might sound barbaric and savage, Norse swords were highly honored.

The Odins would go as far as decorating their most bellowed possession with ornaments! What’s stopping you from doing so?

24/7 customer support

To unravel more secrets about Viking swords, customer support staff is your best bet! Don’t worry. Ask your silliest questions and the minutest specifications of your armor!

For a better customer experience, go as far as asking about the history surrounding a particular sword. For research purposes, now, you know who to ping!

If you bring a lot of study of the Viking age sword to the table, you might enjoy a happening conversation.

You might have not found enough archaeological support in your life, but customer support is 24/7 there!

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