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Buy authentic Viking merch collection

You came here looking for legendary and crafty Viking merch collection, right? Your prayers have been answered in the form of these authentic Viking-inspired products. Exciting, no?

Browse through all products from Viking chains to drinking horns. Why? Because each piece of this largest collection has been handcrafted and handpicked to be your status symbol!

What’s in it for you? Well, all customized and standardized Norse products await you. Join the Viking merch army to grab everything from wolf head chains to Thor’s hammers!

About Viking merchandise

Every statement piece of our Viking merchandise is inspired from Norse mythology and tweaked for modern Viking fans. Experienced designers have come together to put forward all of this Norse Pagan merch.

Official Viking merchandise is branded with years of experience and thorough study of Viking traditions.

Hence, with all of this Viking merch, you can re enact your favorite Norse Hero, Viking warrior, or mighty Odin.

If you understand the Asatru religion and Nordic ways, you can’t resist the Viking merch available on this web shop.

Norse merch collection includes beaded bracelets, metallic rings, speared arms, cultural torcs, drinking horns, strong shields, symbolled t-shirts and so much more.


This Viking clothing is as well planned as the Viking warriors’ strategies. Want to re-enact one of those Viking wars? Grab clothing from here.

Viking clothing transforms you into a Viking cosplay character. To reign over the Viking community, you need superior quality ammunition but more importantly, strategic clothing!

Viking clothing is crafted for both men and women, but you can also find some liberating unisex products. Feel like a supreme Odin in Viking tunics, trousers, robes, and pinafores. For more, browse through the categories!


Viking rings are so aesthetic, no? Here is your chance to complete your Viking accessories collection with Heathen, Celtic, and Pagan jewelry designs! But there’s more to it than just rings.

Viking wore brooches, belts, necklaces, clothing fasteners, pendants and arm rings made up of copper, brass, gold, and silver. These jewelry items were used as status symbols back then.

Use them now to join the international Viking community. The most loved of these jewelry pieces include Viking Rune rings, Wolf Kings chains, Mjolnir pendants and wedding rings.

Don’t be surprised if you find some pieces with abstract designing, geometrical patterns and Viking symbols.

Armor and weapons

Love the medieval war strategies a bit too much? Collect Viking armor and weapons to gain supremacy in the battlefield. Attack!

Now that you have the reenactment clothing and jewelry in place, check out this variety of drinking horns, shields, swords, spears, and axes to be battle ready.

Don’t miss on the helmets, hunting hangers and falchions. All set? With the most ferocious firearms, cannons, Katana, wakizashi and tanto with you, you are ready to go all barbaric.

If you have visited museums and gazed at the Saxon weapons for hours, you know what is being talked about. Shop away!


Draped in Viking merchandise from head to toe? Now, it’s time to knit around the ambiance with your Nordic look. How? By ordering your favorite Viking accessories!

Just so you know, historical accessories are much more than just Viking sculptures and statues.

Don’t forget the feasting tools, dining supplies, musical instruments and other daily usage accessories from the Viking era.

From historical coins to crude tools, explore all possibilities of reflecting the Viking mythology! Leather works to textile handicrafts, you name it! Without these Viking accessories, you can’t be a true son of the Vikings!

Merchandise for men and women

For all Viking women fans out there, dawaparas and hair accessories are a holy grail.

But the real talent is to tie together the Nordic look with a complete Viking costume/Viking wedding dress! Lovely ladies, what more could you as for?

For men, Viking Haquil ornaments are available. Viking Odins, you can also get boots, shirts, tunics, dresses, and capes. Those manly wrists also deserve Norse cuffs and waistbands.

For couples who love to spread the Viking culture, matching Gungnir bangles and customized apparel is also out there. Look like the Viking King and Queen that you are!

Viking traditions and culture

You must have a good idea of the Scandinavian culture already, right? The Viking roots and Nordic mythology goes much beyond shipbuilding and warfare! Here’s how!

The Norwegian culture is very rich and that its reflected in the Viking clothing and dining supplies.

The Viking values and economic system is showcased in merchandise as you move from linens to silks and brasses to golds. If you follow the Viking rituals, this merch is meant for you!

Customer support

To ensure that your Viking cosplays go flawless, you can freely lodge your complaints and suggestions. Ask Viking fans, we’ll pull you out of the rough phase you are facing!

With branded Viking merch and 24/7 customer support, we are moving to Valhalla together! If you are new to the Viking community, our representatives are happy to take you through the Norse mythology!

Viking merch is not all you get! You get unconditional refunds, returns and so much more. You are also signing up for a consumer experience that the Viking community is proud of!

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