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Authentic Viking Torc Collection

Ever wondered what type of clothes the Vikings actually wore? How did they survive through such adverse climatic conditions without modern fabrics?

Viking clothes were made from wool, linen, and animal skins. Viking women were skillful weavers and they made their own clothes with the help of children.

They would use wool to make yarn and use natural dyes to add the color. Men would wear tunics and women would wear a long dress. Their clothes were fastened with belts to help carry such heavy clothes.

Viking Clothing is admired by people today and is worn by many. Not only are the clothes comfortable and protective, but they also remind you of the ancient Viking age.

For people who are hard-core fans of the Viking ornaments and for those who aren’t, we provide you an authentic and durable Viking clothing line.

Buy Viking Clothes of your choice from us right now and live like a true Viking legend!

Meaning of Viking Torc

A Torc, which is also spelled as torq or torque, is a heavy rigid neck ring that is made from metal by twisting strands together.It is derived from a Latin word that means to ‘twist’.

Most of the torcs are opened from the front while a few of them have a hook and a ring closure. Smaller bracelets and armlets are also made in similar ways.Torcs were used even before the Viking Age.

However; it was the Vikings who brought them back into fashion. During the Viking Age, most of these were designed for permeant wear as it was difficult to remove them.

Our Collection

We provide a variety of Viking Clothing options. We have T-shirts inspired by Viking designs.

Our shirts have the Berserker design that not exactly makes you ‘go berserk’ like a Viking warrior but it does make you look pretty cool.

To look like a true Viking warrior we want you to wear the exact clothing, which is why we have a range of Viking robes and tunics available.

These captivating ornaments are eye-catching and make you stand out amongst a crowd.Our collection of Viking costumes is authentic, relevant, and intricately designed which gives you a complete Viking look!

Torc necklace

Torc necklaces have existed since ancient times, were widely used by the Vikings and even today they are considered as a great piece of jewelry.

Torc necklaces were considered as a symbol of religious and secular power, worship ad protection, and were worn by many warriors and heroes.

They represented high social status and aristocracy. We see many celebrities and models wearing a torc necklace which shows how it never went out of fashion.

Hand-Forged and twisted torc necklaces are widely available at many web stores. We provide them in Bronze, Silver, Steel, and Iron.

Torc Bracelet

Torc Bracelets are very common and popular. Most of us must have worn them without actually realizing that it is a piece of torc jewelry!

Torc bracelets are far more casually used than Torc necklaces because they can be worn on a regular basis without causing much attention. These bracelets fit easily on your wrist and throw off a chic and boho look around.

Not only this, but these bracelets are also delicately designed and give an exquisite and graceful look to your outfit.We provide unique, custom, and handmade range of bracelets.

These bracelets are ideal for both men and women and can be used as a gift for someone special as well. These bracelets are made of brass, steel, and bronze and are carefully designed.

Amazing Torcs with Wolf head

Viking is well-known for its ferocious and barbaric nature. They loved wearing bizarre and interesting wolf torcs around their neck and wrists.

These torcs are now easily available and made of thick and heavy bronze material which is twisted with double brass wire.

The terminals are made of a solid bronze wolf head. Such torc necklaces give a gothic and fashionable statement.

Those who are a huge fan of vicious and strong Viking era would see themselves buying these wolf head torcs.

They give a very competitive, intense, and untamed vibe. Who would not love having that vibe around themselves?

Best Customer Support

Feel free to order whichever Viking clothing or ornament you like. We provide a free of cost worldwide shipping!

Purchase your favorite Viking torcs or clothes from us right now and get them delivered within 40 days. We make sure you get live updates about your parcel while it is being delivered so that you can stay rest assured.

No matter wherever you are situated in the world, don’t hesitate and book your order. We have no constraint of minimum order in units or amounts.

Our goal is to provide you with the best customer service so that you don’t deprive yourself of such great Viking clothes and torcs!

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