Viking beer mug


Material: Ox Buffalo Horn


Height: About 8cm​




Item Feature

Drinking Mugs From A Genuine Vietnam Ox Buffalo Horn – Made of authentic, ethically sourced Vietnam Ox Buffalo Horn,100% Handmade.

Unique Color and Shape Design – Each Viking Mug is traditionally Vietnam crafted & polished in Mug Inside&outside, Each is unique in shape & color & comes packaged in a medieval Bularp Scap.

Remium Vietnam Redwood Base – These sturdy tankards are Cool with black buffalo bottoms, one of the most durable and waterproof.

Tout A Sizeable Wine and Whiskey – Each Mugs can holds around 200mls~300mls or about 7oz~10oz of your favorite cold beverage (though as this is an authentic ox-horn, SIZE DOES VARY).

It is Suitable for Wine and Whiskey Drinking in Home, Cool Celebration Cup in your home party.

The Original Viking Drinking Horn Mug- We stand by our products 100%. If you have a leak or another defect, just contact us and we will replace the tankard free of charge.

Item Description

Item Type: Ox Horn Mug

Material: Ox Buffalo Horn


Height: About 8cm​

Color: It was made by Natural Horn by Handmade, The Each Mug is Unique Color & Shape.


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