Delux Accolad Sword


  • Knight templar sword
  • 112.5cm long
  • 1.6kg net
  • brand new
  • handmade


  • Knight templar sword, 112.5cm long, 1.6kg net, brand new, handmade, pointed, unsharpened;
  • Stainless steel blade, black gun metal with parallel grey edges, the gold lettering of the templar Non Nobis prayer “Non Nobis, Non Nobis, Domine Sed Nomini tuo da Gloriam” means “Not to us, God, not to us, but to Your name give glory.”, 89cm long, 5.0cm wide, 0.5cm thick;
  • The guard and pommel are metal and have an antiqued bronze finish. The handle 20cm long, is wrapped in brown leather and has a gold toned chain;
  • Brown wall display plaque with gold floral border;



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